Won 3

Thoughts in the fridge (Fitzcarraldo Records)

Won 3 is an Italian/Swiss trio. A shared project in which the musical and human experiences of the three musicians converge. The name Won comes from a Korean word that expresses a concept that can not be translated with just a word into other languages. The meaning is the reluctance on a person’s part to let go of an illusion. A concept deeply linked to the music proposed by the trio that, through original compositions, focuses on the constant search for an overall sound in which dance, lyricism and taste for unpredictability can coexist.

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DARIO CARNOVALE - piano & rhodes
LUCA LO BIANCO - electric and acoustic bass

Track Listing

  1. Thoughts in the fridge (L. Lo Bianco)
  2. Are you all the thinghs? (D. Carnovale)
  3. Inganni e ritardi (L. Lo Bianco)
  4. Kintsugi (L. Lo Bianco)
  5. Notturno (D. Carnovale)
  6. Interpolation (D. Carnovale)
  7. Dani celere (ma non troppo) (S. Borzacchiello)
  8. Dolomiti alto samba (S. Borzacchiello)

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