Nock, Stuart, Wilson, Zwartz.


The quartet are all multi-award winning musicians and band-leaders in their own right and individually have toured and recorded with some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians. Making his Australian debut recording in 1960, pianist Mike Nock spent the next 25 years in the USA before his return to Sydney in 1985. Bassist Jonathan Zwartz and drummer Hamish Stuart are one of Australia’s great musical partnerships, appearing on many recordings with a who’s who of top Australian artists. Tenor saxophonist Julien Wilson has won every major Australian jazz award and runs his own label, Lionshare records.

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Mike Nock, Julien Wilson, Jonathan Zwartz, Hamish Stuart

Track Listing

  1. Old's Cool (Nock)
  2. And in the Night Comes Rain (Zwartz)
  3. Riverside (Wilson)
  4. Home (Zwartz)
  5. The Dirge (Nock)
  6. Any Heart (Stuart)
  7. Aftermath (Nock)
  8. We Shall Rise Again (Wilson)
  9. This World. (Zwartz)

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