There From Here (Slammin Media)

There From Here is the exciting debut album from Canada’s newest collective, chordless trio, TuneTown.

Formed in 2015, TuneTown pools the creativity of three of Canada’s top jazz improvisers; Kelly Jefferson (Saxophones), Artie Roth (Bass) and Ernesto Cervini (Drums). The group performs original music composed by and for the trio, bringing together three distinct musical voices on material that runs the gamut, from intense to sublime. Seamlessly assimilating elements from the avant-garde, funk, and jazz worlds, There From Here is a welcome addition to the saxophone trio tradition.

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Kelly Jefferson - Saxophones
Artie Roth - Acoustic Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Track Listing

  1. A Sonic Handshake 0:49
  2. The Monks of Oka 4:59
  3. As She Wonders 5:55
  4. Sophisticated Lady 4:51
  5. Split In nity 6:00
  6. All of You 4:14
  7. The Mayor 1:55
  8. In nity Past 0:55
  9. Kindling 4:32
  10. A Transient Space 8:54

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