For Now

The Turning (Independently Released)

For Now is a quintet led by vocalist and composer Isabel Crespo. Wandering carefully between genres, For Now performs compositions influenced by modern jazz, contemporary classical music, visual art, and poetry. Fueled by an unending curiosity, they explore the personal and the political, turning complex situations into musical vignettes.

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For Now:
Isabel Crespo | Composition, Vocals
Skyler Hill | Guitar
Ben McDonald | Piano
Mike Luzecky | Upright Bass
Matt Young | Drums

Rachel Woolf | Flute
Luke Wingfield | Trumpet
Kelsey Gallagher | Clarinet
Aaron Dutton | Alto Saxophone
Pete Fucinaro | Tenor Saxophone
Christian Ortiz | Bass Clarinet
Sara McCallum Addams | Bassoon

Track Listing

  1. Until We Wake
  2. Of Things Learned and Forgotten
  3. A Sudden Shift in Reason
  4. The Turning
  5. As It Is
  6. How the Light Gets In
  7. Sometimes I Can't Find You
  8. Restless
  9. To Be
  10. Eusocial Behavior

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