Lapis Trio

The Travelers (Shifting Paradigm)

Lapis Trio is an acoustic group featuring the compositions of Chicago based jazz guitarist Casey Nielsen. The music draws on his study of the classical guitar and modern jazz Lapis Trio’s unique instrumentation provides a rich, dynamic acoustic setting. In their new album, The Travelers, Casey imagines what he might write if his occupation was to perform a composition every evening for the rest of his community upon their return from work. Every piece would need to immediately engage the audience, by being unique and entertaining.

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Casey Nielsen- nylon string guitar
Dan Thatcher-bass
Tim Mulvenna- percussion

Track Listing

  1. The Traverlers 7:32
  2. The Fischer 5:30
  3. Clave 10:01
  4. Scatological Humor 6:41
  5. Culver City 5:52
  6. Gallagher's Gift 7:03
  7. Beloit 8:41

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