Ernest Melton/Ernest Melton Trio

The Time of the Slave Is Over (Independent)

Ernest Melton was born in Goldsboro, NC. He relocated to Kansas City, MO at age 10. He picked up the saxophone that same year when he was enrolled in Longfellow Academy. Bored with the classical curriculum of that institution, Ernest studied contemporary genres of music and the guitar until age 14, when he joined a jazz program through the American Jazz Museum. Ernest currently lends his talents to multiple groups of different genres (including his own). While featured more often as a soloist, he has become well known for adding that “special something” to live performances and recorded works.

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Ernest Melton - Tenor Saxophone
Deandre Manning - Electric Bass
Brad Williams - Drums

Track Listing

  1. The Time of the Slave Is Over
  2. P.B.S
  3. Areas
  4. Free Soul
  5. Jes'a Mess
  6. Candy Store
  7. Spacewalk
  8. Rising Sign
  9. Eternal Invitation

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