Elisha Parris

The Story of a Preacher’s Kid (Parriscope Entertainment, Inc)

Jacksonville-based keyboardist and composer Elisha Atlas Parris started playing keyboard when he was 12 years old. From a musical and spiritual family, his musicianship was strongly influenced by both his father(pastor/trombonist) and his mother (piano teacher/church musician). In that spiritually and improvisationally free environment, Elisha developed his distinctive style of keyboard performance. Atlas has been afforded the opportunity to play as a bandleader and sideman for jazz festivals and lounges across the country including the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.

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All Keys: Elisha Atlas Parris
Bass: Darrell Freeman, Jonathan Baptiste, and Richard Benjamin
Drums: Elisha Doogie Parris
Percussion: Aaron Draper

Track Listing

  1. 1. Intro - My Dad’s Prayer
  2. 2. First Giving Honor
  3. 3. My Dad’s Church
  4. 4. An Old Man’s Dream
  5. 5. To Number My Days (Radio Edit)
  6. 6. Interlude – It’s Time Celebrate
  7. 7. Mrs. Ford’s 5 Cent Cookies
  8. 8. Something Happened
  9. 9. Interlude – The Lullaby Debate
  10. 10. G Baby’s Lullaby
  11. 11. Interlude – Parris Legacy
  12. 12. Solid Rock

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