Wayne Horvitz

The Snowghost Sessions (Songlines)

In the spring of 2015 Wayne Horvitz, with longtime Seattle collaborators Eric Eagle and Geoff Harper, spent a most of a week in residence at SnowGhost Studios in Whitefish, Montana. SnowGhost is a state-of-the-art 21st-century studio with great acoustic spaces,
and a meticulously maintained Steinway B grand piano. Owner Brett Allen, who has a keen interest in experimental music, engineered the sessions. In exchange, at the end of the residency the trio gave an intimate private concert for Allen’s invited guests, a group of audiophile engineers and developers. The Snowghost Sessions is Horvitz’s first trio record since the 1980s, and his first piano/keys-bass-drums record ever

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Wayne Horvitz, piano, amplified piano, live processing, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond B-3, Nord Lead, TX-7, Mellotron
Geoff Harper, contrabass
Eric Eagle, drums, percussion

Track Listing

  1. The Pauls
  2. No Blood Relation #1
  3. Trish
  4. IMB
  5. Apart From You #1
  6. Northampton
  7. For James Tenney
  8. No Blood Relation #2
  9. Flies on Friday
  10. The Trees
  11. Yukio and Nao's Duet
  12. 55 6 (21) Variations
  13. 55 6 (7) Variations
  14. Apart From You #2

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