Michel Maurer / Meridian

The Shape of Noon (Next Level)

From the New York jazz scene, Central European metal festivals, to the Quebec city punk rock scene and francophone electro-pop, Michel Maurer’s unique musical path has no boundaries, constantly crossing continents and music styles. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, drummer and composer Michel Maurer currently lives in New York City where he is developing his quartet, the project MERIDIAN. Cultivating a multifaceted drumming that finds its roots in punk, metal and experimental music, he is now involved in the jazz, hip-hop and improvised music scenes where he works as a sideman.

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Michel Maurer - Drums
Alex Levine - Guitar
Ben Rolston - Double Bass
Peyton Pleninger - Tenor Saxophone

Track Listing

  1. Tricycle [5.28]
  2. he Purple Grey Kind [5.29]
  3. he Shape of Noon [4.18]
  4. Distortion [7.14]
  5. The Way it Folds [7.41]
  6. II = II [6.24]
  7. Crowded Miniature [7.34]

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