Iming Lin Quartet

The Road Ahead (ImingLinMusic)

Iming Lin is a classically trained, jazz saxophonist and composer, from Taipei, Taiwan. Lin received his Bachelor of Music degree from Shih Chien University. After graduated and completing military service in 2013, Lin received the scholarship to attend Berklee college of Music to pursue his jazz studies and graduated in 2017 with a Diploma in Jazz Performance. The same year, Lin received a scholarship from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and graduated in 2019 with a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies.

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Iming Lin on Tenor/Soprano Saxophone
Emi Nishida on Piano
Giuseppe Cucchiara on Double Bass
Gary Kerkezou on Drums

Track Listing

  1. Walking in the Jungle
  2. Undefeated
  3. The Road Ahead
  4. Baby Steps
  5. Song for Yuhan
  6. Lovely Dancing (Dedicated to Levia)
  7. Silly Brothers
  8. A Secret Spot
  9. Sweet Dreams
  10. Relief

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