Fabrizio Savino

The Rising Sun (Inner Urge Records)

Born in Bari in 1981 Fabrizio Savino is one of Italy’s most interesting jazz musicians. During his career he has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists of the jazz scene such as: Vladimir Kostadinovic, Flavio Boltro, Tony Monaco, Sebastian Merk, Luca Alemanno, Gaetano Partipilo, Antonello Salis, Luca Aquino, Joel Holmes, Cédric Hanriot and Simon Moullier and many others playing in many jazz clubs and festivals around the world including Petrovac Jazz Festival, Locus Festival, Thailand Jazz Conference, Bari in Jazz, Locomotive Jazz Festival, Peroncino Jazz Festival, Tuscia in Jazz Festival and Unisa Jazz Festival.

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Fabrizio Savino, Guitar
Luca Alemanno, Double Bass
Sebastian Merk, Drums

Track Listing

  1. 01. The Rising Sun (composer: F. Savino)
  2. 02. Rebirth (composer: F. Savino)
  3. 03. Skylark (composer: H. Carmichael)
  4. 04. Wisdom (composer: F. Savino)
  5. 05. Her Fears (composer: F. Savino)
  6. 06. So Close And Yet So Far (composer: F. Savino, M. Mastrandrea)
  7. 07. April in Paris (composer: V. Duke)
  8. 08. The Winter Will Become Spring (composer: F. Savino)
  9. 09. No Ifs, Ands, Or, Buts (composer: F. Savino)
  10. 10. Walz for Sabri (composer: F. Savino)
  11. 11. The Rising Sun (alt. Take) (composer: F. Savino)

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