Lara Solnicki

The One and the Other (Outside in Music)

A classically trained singer with a four-octave range, Lara Solnicki originally intended a career in opera. She has studied with dozens of internationally esteemed musicians and educators in the fields of classical music, jazz, improvised music and composition. Praised for “her outstanding musicianship” and “superb vocal technique” (Jazz History Online), for “the purity of her voice, her understanding of the most subtle nuances in lyrics and melody, and the freshness, intelligence and wit she invests in every interpretation” (−Stanley Péan, Host, Quand le jazz est là, Espace Musique).

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Lara Solnicki (music, texts, vocals)
Jonathan Goldsmith (producer, keyboards, electronics, electric bass, electric guitar)
Peter Lutek (alto saxophone, electro-acoustic clarinet and bassoon)
Hugh Marsh (electric violin)
Rob Piltch (electric and acoustic guitars),
Scott Peterson (electric and acoustic bass)
Rich Brown (electric bass)
Davide Di Renzo (drums)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Bit Her Sweet Christopher Street [8:33]
  2. 2. Idée Fixe [4:36]
  3. 3. The Embrace [3:46]
  4. 4. Furling Leaf, Retrocede [6:04]
  5. The One and the Other
  6. 5. I Pass a Glass [6:19]
  7. 6. II Awe of the Sea [7:16]
  8. 7. III Hollow the Need [7:46]
  9. all compositions by Lara Solnicki

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz