The Occasional Trio

The Occasional Trio Live In Berlin (Vision Of Sound Records)

The Occasional Trio is led by UK-based pianist/composer Simon Vincent (b 1967), whose music has been described as “an immersive experience”, “visionary and expressive”, “rich and surprising”, “exquisite”, “mesmerising”, “transcendental, yet unshakably earthbound”.

Already known for their stunning sense of dynamics, interplay and lyrical creativity, The Occasional Trio are on top form throughout these recordings, aided by the new addition of Kay Lübke on drums. Indeed many of the tracks were recorded at their first live performance together on 27th November 2018, a testimony to the Trio’s outstanding musicianship, led by Simon’s endless passion for harmonic and melodic adventure.

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Simon Vincent: Piano
Roland Fidezius: Bass
Kay Lübke: Drums

Track Listing

  1. Blues In Fink
  2. Tender Love
  3. I Can See You Now
  4. Well You Shouldn't
  5. Sweedad's Pastry
  6. Raindrops In June
  7. Carousel
  8. Prayer Unto The Land And Unto The People
  9. Every Moment Of Every Day
  10. Portsmouth Blue

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