Parker Speirs

The Layman (Parker Speirs)

Parker’s latest release, The Layman, celebrated a physical release November 1st, 2021. He is a member of The Inventures, a trio taking on Bach in a newly imagined way. Their album, Outside The Bach’s, and performances have been met with warm praise. In addition to his own groups, Parker has lended his talents to many great artists on the stage and in the recording studio including acts like Mimi Knowles, Van Lady Love, The Strike, Susie Brown, Emmanuel Trifilio, Sherele, Kurt Reeder, Ryan Conger, David Halliday, and many others. Parker is also a co-host of The Musician’s Musician Podcast.

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Parker Speirs - Guitar
Braun Khan - Bass
Parker Swenson - Drums

Track Listing

  1. 1) On A Clear Day
  2. 2) Four In One
  3. 3) Violet Satchel
  4. 4) Gingerbread Boy
  5. 5) The Layman
  6. 6) A Foggy Day
  7. 7) Giant Oarfish
  8. 8) Chelsea Bridge

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