Nandan Gautam

The Divine Flaw (Self-Released)

Baku-based writer, composer and yogi, Nandan Gautam grew up in Bangalore, India. He received his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Mc Daniel College, Maryland, USA and worked at the newspaper USA Today for a few years. He returned to India to study yoga and meditation for the next twenty years. He comfortably straddles several realms – teaching meditation, writing, composing and producing music aligned to his sophisticated jazz-pop tastes and imbuing it with eastern folk sounds and meditative chants, alongside extended guitar and piano solos. His music is a true amalgam of world, rock, jazz, folk and prog.

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Nandan Gautam: Voice, Keyboards, Bass Programming
Antonio Sanchez: Drums
Rainer Brüninghaus - Piano
Tom Schuman - Keyboards
Chad Wackerman - Drums
Amit Heri, Tony Das, Ananth Menon - Electric Guitars
Sabir Memmedov - Clarinet
Bharat Thakur - Voice

Track Listing

  1. On the Way to Heaven [Quéin Sabe] (feat. Amit Heri)
  2. The Divine Flaw (feat. Rainer Brüninghaus and Antonio Sanchez)
  3. The Endless Journey I-II (feat. Chad Wackerman, Ananth Menon and Antonio Sanchez) .
  4. The Forsaken (feat. Antonio Sanchez)
  5. The Legacy of Judas (feat. Rainer Brüninghaus, Tony Das and Chad Wackerman)
  6. Inside the Waters (feat. Sabir Memmedov and Antonio Sanchez)
  7. Flying (feat. Antonio Sanchez)
  8. There Once Was a Captain
  9. The Silent Verses
  10. The Offering (feat. Tom Schuman, Sabir Memmedov and Antonio Sanchez)
  11. Enter the Godhead (feat. Tom Schuman, Bharat Thakur and Antonio Sanchez)

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