The Cocktail Pilots

The Cocktail Pilots Play Ventures In Space (Naz Music)

The Cocktail Pilots, are a newly minted instrumental guitar duo consisting of Reno Schembri & Lee Anthony, both of Vancouver BC. Together they create a fusion mix of: Retro Jazz, Surf, New Age Lounge, Gypsy, Exotica, Spy, Spaghetti Westerns & other outer worldly “Instro” genres. From The Ventures in Space to electrified Bossa Novas – we’ve got every shade of Ultra Lounge for your listening pleasure.

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Reno Schembri and Lee Anthony

Track Listing

  1. Out of Limits
  2. He Never Came Back
  3. Moon Child
  4. Fear
  5. Exploration in Terror
  6. War of the Satellites
  7. The Bat
  8. Penetration
  9. Love Goddess of Venus
  10. Solar Race
  11. The Fourth Dimension
  12. Twilight Zone

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