Kari van der Kloot

The Architects (Next Level (Outside In Music))

Canadian vocalist Kari van der Kloot presents an exciting new voice on the horizon. Living somewhere in the space between jazz and folk, Kari’s compositions fit seamlessly into a tradition of great Canadian singer-songwriters, such as Joni Mitchell, while still honoring her roots in jazz music. The current iteration of the Kari van der Kloot Quintet features a stellar cast of New York based musicians. The live show keeps the listeners on their toes, from full-on intricately arranged ensemble playing, to four-part vocal harmonies and intimate dialogues between the voice and violin.

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Kari van der Kloot: voice, compositions
Lisanne Tremblay: violin
Jamie Reynolds: piano/synthesizers
Gary Wang: bass
Nathan Ellman-Bell: drums

Track Listing

  1. What I'll Find
  2. Swimming
  3. It May Not Always Be So
  4. Same Song
  5. Ask
  6. Hide and Seek
  7. Careful Construction
  8. Caution
  9. The Architects
  10. Holding Pattern

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz