Mark Lomax II

The 400 Years Suite (CFG Multimedia.)

Dr Lomax ambitiously composed and produced a 12 album cycle released in 2019 400: An Afrikan Epic is divided into thirds and explores thousands of years of the history that is pre-colonial Afrika, the Ma’afa (the 400 years between 1619 and 2019), and Afrofuturism expressing a vision of what Blacks in America will heal toward in the next 400 years; a healthy, high functioning, and united bloc of the African diaspora With 400: An Afrikan Epic, Lomax celebrates the resilience, brilliance, strength, genius, and creativity of a people who continue to endure while o!ering a transformative view of the future

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Mark Lomax, II- drums
Edwin Bayard - tenor & soprano saxophones
Dr. William Menefield- piano
Dean Hulett- bass
William Manley- violin
Erin Gilliland- violin
Norman Cardwell-Murri- viola
Mary Davis- cello
Cora Kuyvenhoven- cello
Pei-An Chao- cello
Wendy Morton- cello

Track Listing

  1. The Historical Now: The Story of Us
  2. Ancestral Drum Call
  3. Prelude: Dogon’s Descent from Po Tolo
  4. Ancestral Walk Pt. 1
  5. Village Celebration
  6. The Present Now: Remembering to
  7. Forget and Forgetting to Remember
  8. Ancestral Walk Pt. 2: I Am Because We Are
  9. The Middle Passage
  10. Birth of the Blues People
  11. The Future Now: Return to Uhuru
  12. Ancestral Walk Pt. 3
  13. Spiritual Renewal: Ancestral Drum Call
  14. Uhuru: Freedo

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