Svanvik (Self-published)

Barlast creates spacious new music with a silence echoing in the background.

The silence can be heard between the notes. Everything unnecessary is stripped away.

Only the name remains as ballast.

From the soothing sound of a telecaster to the calling of the herder instrument mänkeri, from the rumble of a frame drum to a free double bass solo. The aural visions range from 18th century dances to heavy breathing in hazmat suits.

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Philip Holm - double bass
Heikki Hänninen - acoustic and electric guitar
Minna Koskenlahti - percussion and flute
Sanna Salonen - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and mänkeri

Track Listing

  1. Svanvik
  2. Linjen
  3. Ayhamin valssi
  4. Som flugors surr i mina öron
  5. Stjärnpolskan
  6. Mierda Moderna
  7. Interludium
  8. Midnatt
  9. Nyårsromans (feat. Antti Korhola)
  10. Svanvik (outro)

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