Sunshine Fruit (Bolero Recordings)

Swedish saxophone player and composer Bear Garden will release his sophomore album ”Sunshine Fruit” on February 19th. On the album Martin Wirén, the man behind Bear Garden, shows us a clear musical idea where his tenor saxophone playing leads the way and other wind instruments works as voices in his compositions. With arrangements based on up to eight different wind instruments Wirén opens up new worlds where melodies meet arpeggios and rhythms inspired by the timeless Motown sound as well as the modern Icelandic music scene.

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Track Listing

  1. 1. Cherry Tree
  2. 2. Electric Butterfly
  3. 3. New Kid
  4. 4. Invisible Wave
  5. 5. Sunshine Fruit
  6. 6. Liquid Limit
  7. 7. Catching my Childhood Friend

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