Brian Scarborough

Sunfower Song (Next Level)

Brian Scarborough is a trombonist, composer, and educator based in the greater Kansas City area As a musician, Brian is regularly booked as both a bandleader for his quintet and a sideman for many local and touring bands of various sizes, in jazz and other genres. Brian has performed in the European circuit in jazz, classical, and chamber music idioms Brian has received critical acclaim as a soloist from international competitions including the J J Johnson Jazz Trombone Competition.

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Trombonist & Composer - Brian Scarborough
Tenor Saxophonist - Matt Otto
Guitarist - Adam Schlozman
Bassist - Jeff Harshbarger
Drummer - Brian Steever

Track Listing

  1. This One's For John [6:48]
  2. Ok, Here We Go [7:34]
  3. City Lights [7:00]
  4. Sunflower Song [7:32]
  5. The Owl   [5:17]
  6. Tick Tock [9:53]
  7. I Tolerate You [5:28]
  8. Willard's Blues  [8:14]
  9. Empty Bottles [5:22]

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