True Loves

Sunday Afternoon (Color Red)

Listening to the abundant sounds of the Seattle-based funk & soul group, The True Loves, is like walking down a favorite neighborhood street, slapping-five with friends, checking up with clerks in their stores, admiring your own dark sun-glassed face in their windows, ducking under flowerpots and smelling the familiar smells of your most cherished locale The band is its own block party What began in 2014 as a jam session between three of the city’s best – pocket-perfect drummer David McGraw, intoxicating bassist Bryant Moore and otherworldly guitarist Jimmy James – has since blossomed into a global force that now

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Producer - True Loves

Jason Cressey - Trombone
Greg Kramer - Trombone
Gordon Brown - Tenor Saxophone
Skerik - Baritone Saxophone
Jimmy James - Guitar (Electric)
Bryant Moore - Bass Guitar (Electric)
David McGraw - Drums
Iván Galvez - Percussion Instruments, Congas

Tracking Engineer - Floyd Reitsma
Studio Litho

Mixing Engineer - Floyd Reitsma
Studio Litho

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

Track Listing

  1. 1. S.O.S. 01:14
  2. 2. Objects in Mirror 03:14
  3. 3. Did It Again 04:07
  4. 4. Robin's Revenge 02:25
  5. 5. First Impression 04:12
  6. 6. Yard Byrds 04:39
  7. 7. Sunday Afternoon 04:48 video
  8. 8. Kabuki 04:28
  9. 9. That's Good 04:05
  10. 10. Lavender 04:49

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