Pavel Telica

Summer Samba (The Doctor Gosso Collective)

Telica is one of the projects of the Doctor Gosso Collective, focused on the persona and music of Doctor Gosso’s guitarist Pavel Telica. The music of Telica can be characterized as an instrumental fusion between jazz, hip hop and house elements, heavily focused on the guitar as a fundamental sound. Pavel Telica is a multi-instrumentalist and music composer from Latvia, based in London, being one of the co-founders of the Doctor Gosso Collective. Pavel has a diverse musical background as a gigging and session guitarist, as well as various influences from George Benson to St.Germain.

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Pavel Telica - written the music, played the instruments
Teo Marangon - producer, recording engineer + recorded some parts.

Track Listing

  1. Summer Samba

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz