Hannah Baiardi

Straight from the Soul (Hannah Baiardi Music)

Michigan-born jazz pianist, vocalist, composer and arranger, Hannah Baiardi is committed to “moving jazz forward. ” Hannah’s sound is original and contemporary, drawing upon soul/jazz/ pop influences in addition to more traditional jazz artists. Learning by ear, she started playing piano and writing her first songs when she was three. As a composer, Hannah has crafted a unique sound that lets the subtleties and nuances of her music speak. Her lush harmonies and memorable melodies contribute to a sophisticated sound beyond her years.

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Track Listing

  1. Who Can Relate
  2. Distant Land
  3. The Windmills of your Mind
  4. Let Go
  5. The Summer Knows
  6. Feel It
  7. Si Tendre
  8. Transit

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz