Cathy Segal Garcia

Straight Ahead to The U.K. (Dash Hoffman)

Cathy Segal-Garcia has been one of the main forces in building and connecting the L.A. jazz scene over the last 40 years. She’s sung, taught, produced, composed, curated, and created situations in which everyone wins. 13 CDs in the marketplace boast of her connections with top musicians. She’s traveled the world in her career, and is very well known in Japan. A silky warm voice and a relaxed and welcoming demeanor make her a welcome guest all over the world for anything she chooses to do.

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Cathy Segal-Garcia
Norma Winstone
Bili Redd
Irene Cathaway
Paul Morgan
Laurence Cottle
John Leftwich
Cliff Hall
John Pearce
Roy Hilton
Isamu McGregor
Carey Frank
Ian Thomas
Simon Gardner
Andy MacIntosh
Katisse Buckingham
Brad Dutz

Track Listing

  1. Wheelers and Dealers
  2. Highwire
  3. Hippityville
  4. Sermonette
  5. I Get Along Without You
  6. Shake It Down
  7. Recipe of Love
  8. Song For Sandy
  9. Something We May Never Know
  10. Dreamsville
  11. Gypsy in My Soul
  12. Last Night When We Were Young
  13. Hippityville (radio version)

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz

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