Will & Will

Stormwashed (W&W)

Will & Will is a Scottish collective formed by David Scott and James Wilson with good pedigree in the Scottish music scene. Will & Will fuses jazz with slow sensual grooves and non-western instruments including the Gu-Qin and sitar to create a seductive sound reflecting the rolling hills and quiet coasts of Scotland.

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David Scott - guitar, synth, bass, Gu-Qin, percussion, samples
James Wilson - piano, rhodes, dilruba, synth, percussion
Etienne Bartholomew - Sitar

Track Listing

  1. 1. Steps
  2. 2. Where Light Breaks
  3. 3. An Unknown Discovery
  4. 4. Stormwashed
  5. 5. Indigofera
  6. 6. Tumbling

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