Les Petits Nouveaux

Stockholm (Independant)

Les Petits Nouveaux is a Gypsy-jazz group from Toronto, who play hot-swing with a Gypsy flair and cool sophistication. They play in the tradition started by Django Reinhardt and work to push the boundaries of the music by fusing modern jazz and world music influences.

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Tak Arikushi, Aline Homzy, Andy Mac, Mikko Hilden, Jim Sexton

Track Listing

  1. Neptune
  2. Catnip 03:10
  3. Leapsheep 04:08
  4. Bluie 05:09
  5. Stockholm 04:19
  6. Si Tu Savais 05:42
  7. King's Garden 02:43
  8. Tango Sobremesa 04:28
  9. Morning Brew 04:03
  10. BrZ 03:21
  11. Blue Jasmine 04:41
  12. Depaysment 04:09

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