Stockholm Corona Sessions vol. 1 (out of 5) (Bra Skivor)

Having run Jazzagenturen as a booking agency since 2013, our network of musicians lost all work overnight due to covid-19. As it’s leader, I (Pontus de Wolfe) got the idea from a Miles Davis documentary to put together three bands and record 50 songs in 12 hours and release them in five volumes in 2020, finishing with a “Best of” double album by the end of the year. The recordings contain some of the best musicians Sweden has to offer, with a batch of new arrangements, new arrangements and classics such as ‘Over the Rainbow’ a.w.a. a lot of style(s).

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Pontus de Wolfe, producer / mix / master / artwork
Linn Fijal, head of recording, RMV Studios

Group 1
Fredrik Hermansson, piano
Niklas Fernqvist, double bass
Konrad Agnas, drums
Nils Janson, trumpet
Björn Jansson, sax
Fredrik Lindborg, sax

Group 2
Carl Bagge, piano
Martin Höper, double bass
Jonas Bäckman, drums
Erik Palmberg, trumpet

Group 3
Leo Lindberg, piano
Kenji Rabson, double bass
Moussa Fadera, drums

Guest vocalists:

Isabella Lundgren
Matilda Gratte
Lina Nyberg (vol. 2)
Niklas Lind (vol. 2)

Track Listing

  1. I got it bad (and that ain't good) (Duke Ellington)
  2. Holy Land (Cedar Walton)
  3. Dyningar (Lars Gullin)
  4. Långfredag (Fredrik Hermansson)
  5. What is this thing called Love (Cole Porter)
  6. Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn)
  7. Over the Rainbow (Yip Harburg, Harold Arlen) - feat. Isabella Lundgren
  8. Ojos de Rojo (Cedar Walton)
  9. Moon River (Henry Mancini) - feat. Matilda Gratte

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