The Beat Freaks

Stay Calm (AMS)

The band was formed in 2014 They made their debut album “Leon” as well as music for the film “Zamoyski” Musicians combine their experience gained in various musical formations to jointly develop a unique musical expression Musicians boldly reach for elements of free-jazz, without forgetting about beautiful melodies, thrilling themes and rhythm The Beat Freaks plays european contemporary jazz with slavic melancholy and New York’s attitude.
„One could say that the best parts of jazz’s sonic character prevails here ( ) The songs are incredibly written and a non-stop bout of excitement to experience from one end to the other”

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Michal Starkiewicz - guitar
Tomasz Licak - tenor saxophon
Pawel Grzesiuk - upright bass
Radek Wosko - drums

Track Listing

  1. First Steps On A Lonely Planet
  2. Work At Heights
  3. Breakwater
  4. Neutral Bullshit
  5. Difference Engine
  6. Steampunk
  7. Chasing Oliver
  8. Memories From The Old Town
  9. Night Bus
  10. Tree of Infinity
  11. Beardless Spy
  12. A train to Tromsø
  13. Baloon

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz

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