Quartet Diminished

Station Three (Hermes Records)

Established by Ehsan Sadigh in 2013 – Quartet Diminished tends to create musical moments based on its members individual and collective contemporary outlook of music; as a general entity.
A range between completely defined compositions, and improvised phases comprises the music of Quartet Diminished, whose inspiration is drawn from a vast variety of musical trends, without adhering to the idiom of any particular one: Iranian Traditional rhythmic patterns and harmonics, ethnic ritual music, the 20th century Avant-garde or contemporary Jazz, and more…

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Ehsan Sadigh; E Guitar
Mazyar Younessi; Piano,
Soheil Peyghambari: Clarinet Bass, Sax Suprano
Rouzbeh Fadavi; Drums
Colin Bass (from the great band the CAMEL) as guest artist in track Rhapsody. Bass And Vocal

Track Listing

  1. Station Three
  2. Rhapsody
  3. Speechless Pt. 2
  4. Mood Pt. 3

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz