stakes are high (unsigned)

A random mix of bedroom electronica, noise, off-key post-jazz and experimental recording studio improvisations since 2015

Cachopou are Juanma Lodo and David Quiles Guilló

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Happy Summer

Please let me introduce you to our new music album

Cachopou’s third and definitive studio album “Stakes Are High” delivers an inflexion in the band’s sound, thrusting a powerful new mix of fresh organic electronica and post-jazz routines featuring lots of randomness and freedom.

"I listened to "Stakes Are High" and it's lovely. The idea of expressing emotion using synthetic music is such a basic one but still so few people do it well - Cachopou does it well. For me it is just the right balance of chaos and order.” - ISAN (morr music)

Is this art music?
Post-everything and a bit of jazz
We like to think it is

Cachopou - Stakes Are High (2021)


It is a bit chaotic at first sight, but if you give a chance it all falls into place.
Looking forward to you enjoying it

Saludos from Spain

David Quiles Guilló

Track Listing

  1. 1. Stakes are high 02:51
  2. 2. Together 03:24
  3. 3. Unexpected reminder 03:35
  4. 4. The mountain is just a hill 04:36
  5. 5. One day before yesterday 02:53
  6. 6. All you black lectroids 03:29
  7. 7. Nominated for a G but winning an E 02:15
  8. 8. A beautiful odyssey of loss 03:52
  9. 9. Erdera 03:28

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