Boni de Souza

Spring is Here (CooL Music)

During his career as a music professional in Singapore, Boni has performed for shows , hotels as well as recorded with many regional artistes He composed various jazz originals like Eau de Vie, Bossa for You, Baroque Chaser, Wanna make you happy, B is for Bossa, as well as inspirational songs like “Blessings and Wishes” , “In Time” and “A Place in Our Hearts” The album “Spring is Here” was conceived as a laid back chill out album for reading or studying or simply relaxing Boni continues as a music professional mainly in music education and music production.

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Boni de Souza - piano with string arrangements

Track Listing

  1. 1. Spring can really hang you up the most
  2. 2. It might as well be spring
  3. 3. In a sentimental mood
  4. 4. My one and only love
  5. 5. Insensatez
  6. 6. Here's that rainy day

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