Jimmy Galvin

Spiritual Data (Stoned Love Recordings)

Jimmy Galvin is a Composer/Pianist based in Bristol in the United Kingdom he composed Neo classical music he has released 2 solo piano albums ” A million Seconds Make Eleven Days” and the latest “Spiritual Data” his music has been compared to Erik Satie,Bill Evans, Bach and Glen Gould but his sound is totally authentically his own he is also an accomplished artist of large abstract paintings.

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Jimmy Galvin

Track Listing

  1. Spiritual Data
  2. This Paralyzed Paradise
  3. 4A
  4. Komorebi
  5. When Morning Comes
  6. Modern Love Song for the World
  7. Sleeping Rainbow
  8. Colourfield
  9. Gravity Sleeps
  10. Song For Syria
  11. Winter Roses
  12. It's Here Again
  13. Fractured
  14. And the Earth Died Screaming

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