Curtis Andrews/The Offering of Curtis Andrews

Speaking Hands (independent)

Curtis Andrews is a Canadian musician with global persuasions. His personal musical journeys over the years have extended to villages and metropolises of Ghana, Benin, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and he has developed a deep knowledge of the history and performance of music from these areas. As percussionist/composer/teacher, he creates music that is informed by his many years of experience with these traditions yet transcends most categories. He has released two albums of original music with his ensemble The Offering of Curtis Andrews and is a regular collaborator with diverse musicians and dancers in jazz and world music contexts.

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Curtis Andrews: drumset, percussion (1-10)
Meredith Bates: violin (3,5,6,8,9)
Jared Burrows: electric guitar (1-10)
Neelamjit Dhillon: alto saxophone (3) and bansuri (2)
Mark Duggan: vibraphone (1-3)
Drum ensemble from Dzogadze (Ghana): Kofi Avi, Clemens, Abomazu, Seth and Evans Agudzeamegah, Worlasi Agbavitor, Eugene Amegayibor (8)
Sandile Jwaai: electric bass (3)
John Korsrud: trumpet (1)
Robin Layne: vibraphone (4-10)
Colin Maskell: baritone & tenor saxophone (1)
Kristian Naso: trumpet (5,6,8,9)
Shantaleela Rao Andrews: in-utero heartbeat (5)
David Spidel: electric bass (1,3-10)
Kaushik Sivaramakrishnan: violin (2,4,7,10)
…and very special guest…
Sri Trichy Sankaran: mridangam (4,7,10) & kanjira (2)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Tom TaTom TaKaTom TaKiTaTom
  2. 2. Tight Rope, Short Walk
  3. 3. 30 for -32 in 25
  4. 4. The Rainmaker
  5. 5. Locomotion
  6. 6. A Frayed Knot
  7. 7. The Speaking Hand
  8. 8. Kobla
  9. 9. The Shapeshifter
  10. 10. Chapu Tala Malika

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