Groove Razors are a fusion quintet founded in London by Tomasz Zyrmont and Laurie Lowe. Since its beginning in 2009, the band has developed spontaneous interplay and energy. The band features some of the finest musicians from the London scene, and has attracted positive interest from many radio stations and promoters. Groove Razors performed at the London Jazz Festival, Jazz FM’s Discovery Show, Yamaha Music Live, East European Jazz Festival, Soho Jazz Jam 2018 and performed in many prestigious music clubs in UK and Poland. Their two original albums have been broadcast on many European radio stations.

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Tomasz Zyrmont - piano, keys
Alan Short - alto sax, flute
Nik Svarc- guitar
Chris Webb - bass
Laurie Lowe - drums

Kevin Glasgow - bass
Matt Hodge - percussion

Track Listing

  1. 1. Unknown Territory
  2. 2. Take the Lift
  3. 3. Unveil the Horizon
  4. 4. Awaken Desires
  5. 5. Destination
  6. 6. Stepping On Rocks
  7. 7. Mystic Time
  8. 8. Find Your Way
  9. 9. Escape (bonus track)

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