Kenny Cha Group

Souvenires de L’hiver (Self Release)

Kenny Cha is a versatile jazz guitarist, composer, and band leader from Busan, South Korea, who got his musical career started at the age of 11. He currently lives in NYC, makes his own musical career and leading this own group, [Kenny Cha Group], and guitarist and a member of [Rami Seo World Music Ensemble], [Inner City All–Stars Brass Band], [Blue Wave] and many others. The artists’ role of his in the global society is that communicate with other musicians and their activities are the most efficient way to communicate through human’s emotion and to change one’s thought and life.

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Composition / Arrangement: Kenny Cha
Guitar: Kenny Cha
Tenor Sax: Myungsup Shin
Piano: Christian Li
Bass: Sangouk Jung
Drums: JK Kim

Track Listing

  1. Emotional Labor
  2. Souvenirs de L'hiver
  3. Playa del Carmen
  4. Ishah
  5. Beautiful, But Glitchy
  6. Havi

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