Thierry Collin / Soul Blade Orchestra

Soul Blade Orchestra Vol 1 (Inouie Distribution)

The Soulblade Orchestra’s self-titled first album offers a vast musical universe, going from solo guitar pieces to quartets to a full sextet (vibes, saxophones, and rhythm section).
The musical landscape is very personal and sums up the artistic encounters Thierry had in recent years with Jean-Christophe Cholet and Daniel Goyone. Since the music is so lyrical and well-arranged, it often seems that a story is implied. There is almost a “film score” quality to it, a quality his French audiences and fellow musicians refer to as, “musique a l’image.”

Each composition is motivated by the desire to share, in the best possible faith, emotions drawn from Thierry’s life course. Each track inspires a thought, sends an invitation, or shares a tale from a highly emotional life. Spectators who attend a Soulblade Orchestra show describe it as an extremely deep and affecting music.

Thierry Collin draws inspiration from an eclectic landscape. He suggests harmonic colors from classical music, jazz, world-music, and also folk music, which has always been particularly close to his heart. The rythmic ingredients of his music come from different regions and coutries like India and the Balkans.

The pianist and composer Daniel Goyone has had crucial influence on Thierry’s writing.
The music is carefully composed and purposefully arranged, but the pockets of improvisation that Thierry leaves for the musicians give breath, a since of life, and a new perspective to each performance.

“His music is often compared to songs without words or colors forming a painting, leaving us the freedom to complete the work of art and instill our own thoughts and feelings in the space.”

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Track Listing

  1. Hymne à Zanzibar
  2. Irlande
  3. The green Fairy
  4. Cloche-pied
  5. Mado
  6. Freaky
  7. Bahia
  8. Chanson pour Dory
  9. Le mas de Thuir

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