Trevor Giancola

Sonnet 18 (TQM Recording Co.)

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 is about love, life, and death: things that I think all people, to some degree, are constantly trying to come to grips with. This album represents my own attempt to address these big picture topics in the most personal way that I can. These compositions are a sonic expression of what it means to be alive; what it’s like to experience love, life, death, happiness, and everything in between. Improvisationally, the album displays a humanistic spirit and energy. “ Sonnet 18 is Giancola’s strongest statement to date, and a hugely compelling addition to Canada’s rich jazz tradition.”

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Trevor Giancola - Guitar
Seamus Blake - Saxophone
Rick Rosato - Bass
Adam Arruda - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Report Card - 07:24
  2. Rouge Hill - 06:24
  3. Retrospect - 05:12
  4. It's All Good, Man - 05:30
  5. Sonnet 18 - 06:50
  6. Duffle Bag - 05:46
  7. Introspect -06:57
  8. A + B - 05:46
  9. Laura's Laura - 05:00
  10. Stream - 05:57

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