Sabertooth Swing

Songs of Future Past (Slammin' Media)

Born and bred in New Orleans, Sabertooth Swing carries a rich musical tradition of swing jazz with old roots and exciting new ramifications.

Tracing its origins within the local swing dance community, their music embraces a foot-taping energy supported by serious musicianship and varied influences. Sabertooth Swing excels at bringing a fun experience and enhancing it with musical overtones that enrich their sound with beautiful jazz idioms that can be either be a source of exciting dancing or serious listening.

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Acoustic Bass – Spike Perkins
Drums – Robert Montgomery
Guitar – Romain Beauxis
Saxophone, Clarinet – Alex Canales
Trombone – Chris Butcher
Vocals, Trumpet – Dan Ruch

Track Listing

  1. Frankie & Johnny 04:07
  2. Blue Skies 04:55
  3. How Deep Is The Ocean 04:36
  4. Chocolate Jesus 03:36
  5. Lawn Boy 03:39
  6. Atlanta Blues 03:40

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