Rob Ames

Songs from the Boardwalk (Independent)

Soprano saxophonist Rob Ames’s debut album, “Songs from the Boardwalk”, features seven original songs in a variety of jazz styles, from bop to fusion. The album took nearly 40 years to complete, from the original conception of the songs, to their notation, recording, and production. A native of Weirs Beach, New Hampshire, the songs were inspired by many playing sessions on the Weirs Beach Boardwalk. Ames is a regular performer at the Patio Garden Restaurant of Weirs Beach, NH. He can be heard performing outdoors with his band, the Boardwalk Jazz Quartet, on Sunday nights in July and August.

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Rob Ames, soprano saxophone
John Funkhouser, piano
Jesse Williams, bass
Mike Connors, drums

Track Listing

  1. And Then I Cried
  2. Thinking of George
  3. The Syzygy
  4. The Boardwalk Shuffle
  5. Flamenco Blue
  6. Complacency
  7. Sympathy

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