Queen Piarei

Songs For A Young Queen (Helen Suh Lee-Marien)

While “Piarei” means “Beloved One” in an Indian language, Queen Piarei (aka Helen Suh Lee) is of Korean-American heritage. She hails from Iowa cornfields and spent a decade in NYC honing her vocal skills. Having had many friends from different cultures, Q.P. has traveled the world and sings jazz in English, Brazilian/Portuguese, French, Hawaiian, Italian, Sanskrit, and Spanish. Her all-ages jazz debut album “Songs For A Young Queen” has been well-received in Austin and KUTX 98.9 FM. She continues to sing and song-write on a regular basis to appreciative Austin crowds.

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vocals: helen suh lee-marien/Queen Piarei
ukulele: helen suh lee-marien/Queen Piarei

Track Listing

  1. Live Your Life As It Leans On It
  2. Dragonfly Cinema
  3. What A Wonderful World
  4. Orange Yolk Sun
  5. Giving Means Intelligence
  6. Just Be Happy
  7. In Every Moment
  8. Something In The Seaweed
  9. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya/Dona Nobis Pacem
  10. The Now Is All We Have
  11. Embryonic Hara/Moringa Tea Song

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