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Somewhere Along The Lines (Yellow Couch Music)

“Somewhere Along The Lines” is the latest hip-hop and jazz-infused single from drummer/producer Layton Weedeman of Yellow Couch Music, a collective of like-minded musicians from around the world. Taken from the forthcoming album Tidings In The Rough, the song embodies the power that can be conjured when serious jazz chops meet the inventiveness and attitude of hip-hop. Like all of the music released under Layton’s Yellow Couch Music, “Somewhere Along The Lines” started with Weedeman carving out a small gem of an idea to be elaborated on later.

“I was in the studio just kind of jamming on a lot of these Latin rhythms that I’ve learned over the years.” Weedeman explains. “I recorded four or five minutes of me jamming to this drum groove, went home, and immediately laid down a bass track.”

A willing and enthusiastic collaborator at heart, Weedeman tapped into his broad network of musician friends from around the world to bring “Somewhere Along The Lines” to life. German saxophone virtuoso Lars Haake (John Benitez, Hiram Bullock, George Burton) was the first to get the call to begin work on the tune.

“I invited Lars over and he’s like a one-take wonder guy. I set up the microphone and he just gets it.”

Eric Biondo (Antibalas, Massive Attack, Charlie Hunter) handles trumpet duties on the track, an artist Layton has known for years and has always wanted to work with, but never had an opportunity to until now. Cuban singer/bassist, Jessica “NuLyra” Libertad was brought in to re-record and add some flavor to Weedeman’s rough bassline. Libertad currently lives and works in Mexico, but technology ensured that distance couldn’t stop her from contributing fully to the project.

“I’ve been sending her tracks and she’s been sending me tracks via WhatsApp.” Weedeman says. “I love her style and her approach to playing is exactly what I would want to hear from a bass player. She just really adds some of that flavor that the tracks needed.”

Groovy, chill and full of color, “Somewhere Along The Lines” is the product of a handful of skilled musicians listening deeply and communicating openly. While every musician that appears on the track is deadly serious about their craft, the music is flush with playfulness and soul. Weedeman is overjoyed to play the role of leader and facilitator.

“It’s like now I have this outlet where I can just invite players in. This was really fun. Everything’s just been so fun.”

For fans of: Madlib’s Yesterdays New Quintet, Yussef Dayes, GURU’s Jazzmatazz, Thievery Corporation.

Written by L.Weedeman, L. Haake, E. Biondo
Produced by LHW
Mixed by Keith Rice
Recorded by Layton Weedeman
Arranged by Layton Weedeman

Drums: Layton Weedeman
Bass: Jessica “NuLyra” Libertad
Percussion: Iran “El Menor” Farías
Keys: Grady Tesch
Saxophone: Lars Haake
Trumpet: Eric Biondo

Art Direction and Design by Layton Weedeman

Mastered by Alex DeTurk

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