Amanda Ekery

Some (more) Short Songs (n/a)

Vocalist and composer Amanda Ekery conjures a rich creative world: one in which creative improvised and popular music traditions weave together seamlessly, while intersecting with research and unusual collaborations. Her exceptional musical versatility has made Ekery a sought-after performer, presenter, and composer for a wide range of artistic endeavors. Downbeat, reporting on Ekery’s imaginative personal style states “within her impressive compositions, [Ekery] displays her natural inclination for inventive compositional moves and popular genres. ” Her compositions have earned support from New Music USA, Chamber Music America, and the Jerome Foundation.

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Amanda Ekery: voice + synth + compositions
David Leon: alto sax
Wendy Eisenberg: guitar
Andrew Boudreau: piano
Jeong Lim Yang: bass

Track Listing

  1. LCC #13 (Vision)
  2. LCC #14 (Mind Games)
  3. LCC #15 (Maybe I Should Drive)
  4. LCC #16
  5. LCC #17
  6. LCC #18 (Up There)
  7. LCC #19
  8. LCC #20
  9. LCC #21 (That Dog Won’t Hunt)
  10. LCC #22

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