Som En Faldskærm (Hvalfugl Music)

Hvalfugl is a Danish trio that defines a new sound of Scandinavian jazz. Taking inspiration from the traditional folk tunes of the Nordic countries, Hvalfugl creates unique compositions that doesn’t rely on any of the traditional jazz norms, while still embracing some of the fundamental themes in the jazz tradition, improvisation, playfulness and harmonic beauty. Hvalfugl released their first album in 2017 and will release their secound album on the 8th of March 2019.

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Jeppe Lavsen: Guitar
Jonathan Fjord Bredholt: Piano & Harmonium
Anders Juel Bomholt: Double Bass

Track Listing

  1. Himmelbjerget
  2. Jeg Venter Herhjemme
  3. Fragment #1
  4. Opvågning
  5. Vals I Vallonien
  6. Ode Til Birk
  7. Utopi
  8. Mens Vi Sover
  9. Lystrup
  10. Fragment #2
  11. Mellem Bække Og Bakker
  12. Som En Faldskærm

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz