Russ Brannon

Sojourn (Joe Street Records)

Sojourn “a stay in a place for a time” is a collection of both recent pieces, and some I composed over a number of years, and are representative of my best unrecorded works. Friends hearing the record for the first time, tell me that Sojourn comes across to them as my musical autobiography. There is truth in that.
Working with producer Michael Wojewoda and some of my favorite players, each piece was arranged to take the listener on an engaging journey. We designed each track to unfold like the pages of a great novel.
I’ve always valued a diversity of style, texture, and emotion in my compositions. This collection leans heavily into that idea, delivering a wide range of emotion that I believe will touch those who feel like I do; that life is a series of moments where we “stay in a place for a time”.

Available 2024-06-28
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Track Listing

  1. CASCO VIEJO 6:20
  2. PAULINE 4:11
  4. VILLE BLEU 5:00
  5. BLUESOID 5:53
  6. FREE FLIGHT 4:40
  7. SOJOURN 6:30
  9. GRACE 5:42
  10. PASSAGE 3:50
  11. RALTZY 4:40
  12. Prayer To Somewhere 6:50
  13. Casco Viejo reprise 2:20

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