Francisco Slepoy

Sobre Ginastera y Algunos Planetas (Contemporary Argentinan Jazz)

Francisco Slepoy: During 2019 he will present ̈Sobre Ginastera y algunos planetas ̈ his sixth album Some highlights in his career: In 2019 he performed concerts presenting his latest album ¨Sobre Ginastera y algunos Planets ̈ at the National Museum of Decorative Art, MAMBA (Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires), San Patricio Church, Tzong Kuang Buddhist Temple, among others He devised the series ¨Música de autor en templos ̈ that he carried out as artistic director, founding the WoZ producer with Wanda Majcher and Gonzalo Messi The cycle featured 6 concerts that included 12 proposals of great local and

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