Robert Christa

Smooth World (New Dream Records)

Robert Christa, born 1961 in Dillingen / Donau is a german composer and keyboardist. Robert’s passion is not only solistic piano playing, he also composed a myriad of smooth jazz songs. On his current smooth-jazz album “Smooth World”, he collaborated with recording artists from all over the world. He also wrote sophisticated music for piano and cello in his own typical ‚New Classics’ style, featuring his personal so-far LP masterpiece “Forêt Mystique“.

Jazz / Songs Albums:
Nightflight to Rio (2015)
City Lights (2017)
Smooth World (2019)

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German keyboardist and composer Robert Christa follows his own musical way and has - since his youth - ever been searching for music’s true beauty, what made him also dispense gladly with old patterns and explore lesser known paths.

This applies for his compositions, as well as his solo piano playing and helped him to develop his own signature throughout his musical and mostly autodidactical acquired accomplishments as an artist.

His music can roughly be ranged between jazz and classics, although he’s not using the rigid structures of these genres, which allows him to individually shape his unique style of music.

Track Listing

  1. Rise and Shine
  2. Pure Life Begins
  3. Casa Romantica
  4. Back on Our One Way Street
  5. Because A King Was Born (Gospel)
  6. Come On! (dance-electro pop)
  7. Let it Go!
  8. Brazilian Rendezvous
  9. Goblins World
  10. Mother Earth

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