Dario Margeli

Smooth Jazz Electric Guitar (Dario Margeli)

The 2024 album by Dario Margeli is called Smooth Jazz Electric Guitar. The same title as the Spotify playlist he manages which has many active listeners. The album features many fascinating jazz electric guitar players such as – Ezequiel from Buenos Aires and Hugh Williams from Fernandina Beach. The presentation song is called Childhood Trauma. The song has a gentle rhythm to keep you awake. The melodies and arrangements are soft and smooth, so you can listen to the song while you work or read. There are plenty of catchy hooks in the song. The song is meant to make you feel good regardless of circumstances. With breezy vocals, the song’s lyrics invite the listener to practice “mindfulness” by focusing on the feelings of sadness or tiredness they are experiencing. As Dr. Janina Fisher observed, people not only remember stories, they also memorize feelings. The song asks you: Does this bad feeling you are experiencing correspond to something happening right now, or is it simply something you learned as a child? The final hook of the song says: There is no danger in the now. The album will please fans of the music of artists, such as Tim Bowman, Adam Hawley or Chuck Loeb.

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