Kurt Leege

Sleepytime Jazz (demon kitty music)

Kurt Leege is a multi-genre guitarist that has releases spanning bluegrass, indie-rock, prog, country, funk, R&B, soul, jam and jazz. Raised as a classical pianist, he switched instruments to guitar at 16 because he struggled to write original music on the piano and wanted a fresh start on an instrument of his own. He studied jazz in college and embarked on a 24 year career as a composer and guitarist in New York with compositions that have credits in film, television and theater along with the 20+ original albums. He now resides in Northern Ireland, working on new projects.

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Kurt Leege - Guitar

Track Listing

  1. My Funny Valentine
  2. Georgia on My Mind
  3. Blue in Green
  4. Tenderly
  5. At Last
  6. Naima
  7. What a Wonderful World
  8. Maiden Voyage
  9. Nefertiti
  10. Spiritual

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