Biagio Coppa trio


In recent years, Biagio Coppa dedicated his attention to the modern techniques of expression and composition related to the development of improvised music of Afro American origin He believes in the importance and necessity of a logical analysis of the musical experience to get the best out of musical mainstream, therefore moving towards a deeper understanding of ancient and recent musical structures and architectures In particular he studied the possible evolution of Steve Coleman’s musical proposal linked to the M-Base movement, the extension and application of the Harmolodic concept of Ornette Coleman, the organization and development of the sound material.

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Biagio Coppa - Sax sop & ten
Marco Rotttoli - Bass
Matteo Rebulla - Drums

Track Listing

  1. MODAL MODEL 06:00
  2. CONICA 07:22
  3. TATTY PIECE 06:11
  4. SLAM DUNK 06:49
  5. The Brat 04:45
  6. ABC 06:37
  7. HOLY CRAP 04:48
  8. PRANK 06:29

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